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Data Protection and Security I

Bıçakçı, Kemal
This course allows you to understand the basics of data security and protection, computer security and encryption. Various encryption and attack techniques are discussed. Common security problems and vulnerabilities are outlined. By the end of this course, the student will be able to: 1.1 Define the term security and main security concepts. 1.2 List common information security targets. 1.3 Describe what security management means. 1.4 Explain general security principles. 2.1 Define cryptography and understand its role in information security. 2.2 List the most important developments in the history of cryptography. 2.3 Explain how simple ciphers work. 2.4 Explain how one-time pad can realize perfect secrecy. 3.1 Explain the operation of symmetric encryption algorithms DES and AES. 3.2 Describe the properties and applications of hash functions. 3.3 Explain message authentication codes and their purposes. 3.4 Understand the importance of random number generators. 4.1 Construct a public-key encryption scheme. 4.2 Understand two mathematical problems most public-key schemes depend on. 4.3.Describe the operation of digital signatures. 4.4 Realize the problem solving capability of public key cryptography with an example of secret sharing scheme.