Systems Engineering

This course provides a basic, conceptual-level description of engineering management disciplines that relate to the development and life cycle management of a system. For the non-engineer it provides an overview of how a system is developed. For the engineer and project manager it provides a basic framework for planning and assessing system development.


Agile and collaborative systems engineering
Aşan, Emrah; Baykal, Nazife; Bıçakcı, Kemal; Department of Information Systems (2013)
In this study, an agile and collaborative systems engineering approach is developed with specific focus on system of systems challenges. First, agility related problems are identified by an interview-based exploratory survey. Afterwards the novel approach is formulated to address agility problems in system of systems environments. The approach is based on eliciting existing knowledge, visualizing it by immediate modeling, verifying consistency of the knowledge by continuous review, and identifying and plann...
Design, Development and Evaluation of Educational Software
Çağıltay, Kürşat(2009)
This course is designed to provide the necessary skills and background in formulating and using criteria and procedures for development and evaluation of instructional materials; synthesis of research; resources in the field. The course also underlines major steps and techniques used in design development and evaluation of instructional software.
Total Quality Management
Köksal, Gülser(2009)
This course is designed to give students fundamentals of Total Quality Management with emphasis on contemporary quality planning, control and management approaches, implementations and criticisms.
Engineering Economy And Cost Analysis II
Duran, Serhan(2010)
This course is mainly concerned with economic analysis for engineering and managerial decision making. It consists of techniques for evaluating the worth of prospective projects, investment opportunities and design choices.
Modeling cultures of the embedded software industry: feedback from the field
Akdur, Deniz; Say, Bilge; Demirörs, Onur (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-06-01)
Engineering of modern embedded systems requires complex technical, managerial and operational processes. To cope with the complexity, modeling is a commonly used approach in the embedded software industry. The modeling approaches in embedded software vary since the characteristics of modeling such as purpose, medium type and life cycle phase differ among systems and industrial sectors. The objective of this paper is to detail the use of a characterization model MAPforES ("Modeling Approach Patterns for Embe...
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