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Law and Institutions of the European Union

The objective of this course is to provide students with an analytical understanding and the distinctive characteristics of EU law and its institutions. It emphasize the sui generis character of the EU law, the development of EU's legal system within the institutions of the EU, and the overriding principles that shape the functioning of the EU legal order. Mainly the course aims to give students the perspective and the general understanding of the development of EU's legal order, its relations with regard to EU institutions and the member states, the importance of EU's legal order with respect to European integration process. The course also extends to cover the role of the European Court of Justice and its relations with the national courts. In that regard cases that are related to subject material of the course are discussed and analyzed. After covering the fundamental principles of EU law and institutions the course then moves on more focused topics. Finally, the course focuses on the role of the acquis communitaire in the processes of enlargement. Through this focus the course will also include a general introduction to the role of acquis harmonization and Turkey's accession to the EU.