Electromagnetism - PHYS110

Electric field and Gauss law, electric potentials capacitors, current and DC circuits, magnetic field, magnetic field due to currents, induction, magnetism of matter, Maxwells̀ equations, electromagnetic oscillations and AC circuits, electromagnetic waves.


Performance evaluation of current density based magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography reconstruction algorithms (mr-eit)
Boyacıoğlu, Rasim; Eyüboğlu, Behçet Murat; Department of Biomedical Engineering (2009)
Magnetic Resonance Electrical Impedance Tomography (MREIT) reconstructs conductivity distribution with internal current density (MRCDI) and boundary voltage measurements. There are many algorithms proposed for the solution of MREIT inverse problem which can be divided into two groups: Current density (J) and magnetic flux density (B) based reconstruction algorithms. In this thesis, J-based MREIT reconstruction algorithms are implemented and optimized with modifications. These algorithms are simulated with f...
Performance evaluation of magnetic flux density based magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography reconstruction algorithms
Eker, Gökhan; Eyüboğlu, Behçet Murat; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2009)
Magnetic Resonance Electrical Impedance Tomography (MREIT) reconstructs images of electrical conductivity distribution based on magnetic flux density (B) measurements. Magnetic flux density is generated by an externally applied current on the object and measured by a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner. With the measured data and peripheral voltage measurements, the conductivity distribution of the object can be reconstructed. There are two types of reconstruction algorithms. First type uses current de...
Electromagnetic transitions among octet and decuplet baryons in QCD
Alıyev, Tahmasıb; Savcı, Mustafa (2013-08-05)
The magnetic dipole G(M)(Q(2)), electric quadrupole G(E)(Q(2)), and Coulomb quadrupole G(C)(Q(2)) form factors, describing the spin-3/2 to spin-1/2 electromagnetic transitions, are investigated within the light cone QCD sum rules. The Q(2) dependence of these form factors, as well as ratios of electric quadrupole and Coulomb quadrupole form factors to the magnetic dipole form factors, are studied. We also compare our results on the magnetic dipole form factor with the prediction of the covariant spectator q...
Tezer, Münevver; ARIEL, PD (Wiley, 1988-01-01)
Flow of viscous, incompressible, electrically conducting fluid, driven by imposed electric currents has been investigated in the presence of a transverse magnetic field. The boundary perpendicular to the magnetic field is perfectly conducting partly along its length. Three cases have been considered: a) flow in the upper half plane when the boundary to the right of origin is insulating and that to the left is perfectly conducting, b) flow in the upper half plane when a finite length of the boundary is perfe...
Electrically charged vortex solutions in Born-Infeld theory with a Chern-Simons term
Çimşit, Mustafa; İpekoğlu, Yusuf; Department of Physics (2003)
In this thesis, we considered electrically charged vortex solutions of Born- Infeld Chern-Simons gauge theory in 2+1 dimensions, with a sixth order charged scalar eld potential. For this purpose, rst Nielsen-Olesen vortex solutions are extensively reviewed. Then, Born-Infeld and Chern-Simons theories are summarized. Finally, vortex solutions are obtained for the Born-Infeld-Higgs system with a Chern-Simons term. These solutions are analyzed numerically, comparing their properties with Nielsen-Olesen vortices.
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