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Contemporary Sociology Theory

This course is intended to help the Sociology 3rd grade students who are expected to have an adequate knowledge on the early, classical and mainstream sociological theory to develop a thorough familiarity with the contemporary postmodern thinking. Therefore, the students should be clear about the fact that it is not intended either to offer a full coverage of the recent sociological theory or to follow a chronological approach. Rather, the aim is to discuss some of the cons and pros of postmodern thinking around a certain thematic. For this purpose, the course starts with an examination of earlier theoretico-philosophical approaches that were seen to be cornerstones in the Western thinking and paved the way for the later development toward postmodernism. Then, the attention shifts to the rise of structuralism and its development towards post-structuralism. Finally, following a discussion of postmodern thinking we will make a detour via Heidegger's contributions, connecting the whole bunch with thinking of Derrida and Laclau. Needless to say attendance to the lecture and additional recitation hours (1 ½ hour on Thursdays following the usual lecture) is compulsory, and 1/3 of nonattendance to the regular lecture hours resulting with a failure (an NA grade). As for grading, as usual there will be 2 midterms (each 30 % of the final grade), a final exam (40 %), and attendance to the recitation hours together with the annotation papers for each lecture (10 % together as bonus) will make the students final grade.