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Phototransferred thermoluminescence from α-Al2O3:C using blue light emitting diodes

Bulur, Enver
Göksu, H.Y.
Phototransferred thermoluminescence (PTTL) from alpha-Al2O3:C single crystals was studied using a blue light emitting diode (LED) for phototransfer of charges from deep traps to the main dosimetry trap. The dose response was found to be linear in the region from similar to 5 mGy to similar to 5 Gy. It was observed that the corresponding deep traps were located near 500 degrees C and heating to temperatures > 600 degrees C removes the PTTL effect induced by the light from the blue LED. The thermal activation energy of the source traps involved in the PTTL production was calculated as 3.23 eV.