Characterization of humic materials extracted from hazelnut husk and hazelnut husk amended soils

Cimen, Funda
Ok, Sonay Sozudogru
Kayran, Ceyhan
Demirci, Şahinde
Ozenc, Damla Bender
Ozenc, Nedim
This study was carried out to determine effects of composted hazelnut husk (CHH) on some chemical properties of soil and soil humic acid (HA). Compost application increases organic matter (OM) content of the soil considerably, OM value of 3.18% became 3.89% in 3 years time interval. Before application of compost, the soil pH was found to be 5.37, while after compost application it became 5.61. FTIR characteristics of humic acid/humic acid-like materials extracted from the original hazelnut husk, composted hazelnut husk and composted hazelnut husk amended soil have been investigated. C and O content of humic acid-like/humic acid materials were in the range of 41.4-50.8% and 37.8-50.5%, respectively. The N content of the humic acid/humic acid-like materials are in the expected range for humic materials which is 2-6%. Comparison of FTIR spectra of hazelnut husk and composted hazelnut husk humic acid-like fractions shows that both exhibit similar but not identical series of IR bands indicating the presence of the same functional groups in both samples. The only difference in the spectra seemed to be a decrement in the peak intensities of composted sample compared to uncomposted one. The similar differentiation of the intensities of IR bands of compost applied soil sample has also been observed. The FTIR spectral results show that the characteristics of composted material tend to become similar to that of soil humic acids characteristics in time.


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F. Cimen, S. S. Ok, C. Kayran, Ş. Demirci, D. B. Ozenc, and N. Ozenc, “Characterization of humic materials extracted from hazelnut husk and hazelnut husk amended soils,” BIODEGRADATION, pp. 295–301, 2007, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: