Salvia siirtica sp. nov. (Lamiaceae) from Turkey

Kahraman, Ahmet
Doğan, Musa
Celep, Ferhat
Salvia siirtica Kahraman, Celep & Dog. an sp. nov. (Lamiaceae) is described and illustrated as a new species from the northern part of Siirt province in southeast Anatolia, Turkey, where it was found growing in open forests of Quercus. It is morphologically similar to S. indica L., but differs by having densely glandular pilose to villous stems and petioles, close verticillasters, smaller flowers, clearly concave calyx apices, entirely white corollas and smaller nutlets. Salvia siirtica and S. indica are also distinguished by their nutlet and pollen micromorphologies, illustrated by SEM images. The nutlet surface of S. siirtica is very finely wrinkled and its pollen has 3-4 primary lumina per 25 mu m(2), compared to 5-8 in S. indica. Conservation status assessment, distribution map, and notes on biogeography and ecology of the new species are provided.

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A. Kahraman, M. Doğan, and F. Celep, “Salvia siirtica sp. nov. (Lamiaceae) from Turkey,” NORDIC JOURNAL OF BOTANY, vol. 29, no. 4, pp. 397–401, 2011, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: