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A Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detector for the DAG Telescope

GÜVER, Tolga
Mazin, Benjamin A.
O'Brien, Kieran
Kay, Burak
Alis, Sinan
Yelkenci, F. Korhan
Yerli, Sinan Kaan
Erol, Ayse
We present the details of a proposed microwave kinetic inductance detector (MKID) for the DAG (Eastern Anatolia Observatory in Turkish) telescope, DAG-MKID. The observatory will have a modern 4m size telescope that is currently under construction. Current plan to obtain the first light with the telescope is late 2019. The proposed MKID based instrument will enable astronomers to simultaneously detect photons in the relatively wide wavelength range of 4000 - 13500 ˚A with a timing accuracy of µs and spectral resolution R = λ/∆λ = 10 − 25. With a planned field of view of approximately an arcminute, DAG-MKID will mostly be used for follow-up observations of transient or variable objects as well as a robust tool to measure photometric redshifts of a large number of galaxies or other extra-galactic objects.