Simulation of an Active Maintenance Policy: A Preliminary Study in Dragline Maintenance Optimization

Current maintenance policies for draglines do not cover enough preventive measures. Preventive maintenance for these systems is generally implemented via inspections and corrective activities unfortunately keep their priorities in dragline maintenance. Moreover, optimalities of both inspection intervals and their implementation durations are generally underestimated and they are determined via rough estimations. However, sustainability of a dragline operation and health of system components can be improved through maintenance optimization studies including preventive activities. This type of studies requires development of representative and comparable models to measure the effectiveness of optimization. In this sense, this paper presents the simulation of current maintenance policy of the draglines in Tunçbilek coal mine in Turkey, as a preliminary stage of the maintenance optimization study. The established policy aims to reveal 1-year halt profiles of the draglines via combining deterministic halts in operations and random lifetime characteristics of the system components.