Energy security and Central Asian geopolitics

Gündüç, Yıldırım
Energy security has become an important part of national security policies in the last decades. Policies concerning energy security are designed and implemented in different ways by countries based on their geographical, political and economic imperatives. This thesis analyzes the securitization of energy resources in Central Asia and the roles of the US, China, India and Russia as major actors of the Central Asian energy politics in the post-Soviet period. The conditions shaping Central Asian countries decision making process’ as well as the policies and priorities of the US, China, India and Russia are analyzed in the light of latest energy policy developments and related pipeline projects in the region. While doing so, this thesis aims to compare and contrast the practices and policies of the US, China, India and Russia in securing access to energy resources of Central Asia.
Citation Formats
Y. Gündüç, “Energy security and Central Asian geopolitics,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.