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Corrosion behaviours of Ti6Al4V-Mg/Mg-Alloy composites

Ocala, Ezgi Butev
Akkaya, Asli
Gurcay, Bensu
Ozcan, Ceren
Ozgumus, Burcu Asli
Duygulu, Ozgur
Dericioğlu, Arcan Fehmi
The effect of coupling of unalloyed Mg and Mg-alloys (AZ91 and WE43) with Ti6Al4V alloy on corrosion and degradation behaviours of produced composites has been investigated in simulated body fluid (SBF) by hydrogen evolution, and surface and electrochemical characterization techniques. Combining of unalloyed Mg with Ti6Al4V intensified galvanic corrosion and catastrophic failure occurred by initiation of microcracks formed by sudden hydrogen gas evolution. In contrast to other composites, Ti6Al4V-AZ91 composites, containing new TiAl3 interface layer formed during composite production, preserved their mechanical integrities due to lowest corrosion and degradation rate of AZ91 alloy.