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Development and thermal stability of Cr10Mo25Ta25Ti15V25 refractory high entropy alloys
Tukac, O. Umut; Özalp, Ali; Aydoğan Güngör, Eda (2023-01-01)
Refractory high entropy alloys (RHEAs) are promising materials for extreme environment applications, such as high-temperatures (> 1000 degrees C), corrosion and irradiation. In this study, a new CrMoTaTiV RHEA system has b...
Defect assisted enhanced nonlinear optical performance and optical limiting of pure and doped BiVO4 powders and nanocomposite films
Tekin, Sezen; Tutel, Yusuf; Karatay, Ahmet; Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah; Elmali, Ayhan (2022-12-01)
© 2022 Elsevier B.V.The linear and nonlinear absorption properties, photoluminescence and optical limiting properties of bismuth vanadate (BiVO4) powders and films were presented in this work. The structural, morphological...
Enhanced bioactivity and low temperature degradation resistance of yttria stabilized zirconia/clay composites for dental applications
Tufan, Yiğithan; Park, Jongee; Öztürk, Abdullah; Ercan, Batur (2022-12-01)
© 2022 Elsevier LtdYttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ)/clay composites were produced to improve osseointegration and undesired tetragonal-to-monoclinic phase transformation (low temperature degradation, LTD) of YSZ ceramics s...
Double‐decker lutetium and europium phthalocyanine composites with reduced graphene oxide as supercapacitor electrode materials
YABAŞ, EBRU; Biçer, Emre; Durukan, Mete Batuhan; Keskin, Deniz; Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah (2022-12-01)
© 2022 Elsevier B.V.Double‐decker phthalocyanines were synthesized by a classical method with phthalonitrile and lanthanide metal salts, europium and lutetium acetate. Non-covalent double-decker phthalocyanine-reduced grap...
Multivariate analysis: An essential for studying complex glasses
Sargın, Irmak; McCloy, John S.; Beckman, Scott P. (2022-12-01)
Understanding the impact of individual compositional components on the devitrification of complex multicomponent glasses, for example, 10-50+ oxides, typically requires numerous studies to examine each component's impact. ...
Design of oxygen-doped TiZrHfNbTa refractory high entropy alloys with enhanced strength and ductility
Iroc, L.K.; Tukac, O.U.; Tanrisevdi, B.B.; El-Atwani, O.; Tunes, M.A.; Kalay, Yunus Eren; Aydoğan Güngör, Eda (2022-11-01)
© 2022Refractory high entropy alloys (RHEAs) are considered promising materials for high-temperature applications due to their thermal stability and high-temperature mechanical properties. However, most RHEAs have high den...
A Comparative Study of Effects of Additive Particle Size and Content on Wetting Behavior and Brazing Performance of C/SiC Composite
Saltik, Simge; ESEN, ZİYA; Dericioğlu, Arcan Fehmi (2022-10-01)
This study has focused on the influence of size and content of SiC particle incorporation on the wetting behavior of the Ticusil brazing filler alloy and on its brazing performance in C/SiC composite/Ti6Al4V alloy joints. ...
Mechanical performance of composite flat specimens and pressure vessels produced by carbon/epoxy towpreg dry winding
Okten, Yigit Kemal; Kaynak, Cevdet (2022-10-01)
The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of certain processing parameters on the mechanical performance of carbon/epoxy towpreg wound composite structures. For this purpose, composite sample productions an...
Development and additive manufacturing of oxide dispersion strengthened inconel 718: Thermochemical and experimental studies
Yesim Yalcin, M.; Bora Derin, Derin; Aydoğan Güngör, Eda (2022-09-05)
© 2022 Elsevier B.V.In this study, a new grade of Inconel 718 alloy (IN718) strengthened by nano-oxides has been designed and produced. The alloy composition of 0.3 wt% Y2O3 – IN718 has been determined using CALPHAD-based ...
Development of activated carbon/bimetallic transition metal phosphide composite materials for electrochemical capacitors and oxygen evolution reaction catalysis
Köse, Kadir Özgün; Aydınol, Mehmet Kadri (2022-09-01)
Pinecone-derived activated carbon (AC) and bimetallic transition metal phosphide (TMP) composites were produced and utilized as electrochemical capacitor (EC) electrodes and oxygen evolution reaction (OER) catalysts in thi...
Effect of synthesis environment on the electrochemical properties of (FeMnCrCoZn)(3)O-4 high-entropy oxides for Li-ion batteries
Bayraktar, Deniz Okan; LÖKÇÜ, ERSU; Özgür, Çağla; Erdil, Tuncay; Toparlı, Çiğdem (2022-09-01)
High-entropy oxides (HEOs) have gained significant attention from lithium-ion batteries since they can present cycling stability and possess a high specific capacity. While many studies have focused on discovering new high...
Effect of post fabrication aging treatment on the microstructure, crystallographic texture and elevated temperature mechanical properties of IN718 alloy fabricated by selective laser melting
Ozer, Seren; Bilgin, Güney Mert; Davut, Kemal; Esen, Ziya; Dericioğlu, Arcan Fehmi (2022-08-01)
© 2022 Elsevier B.V.The effect of building direction and post fabrication aging treatment on the microstructure, crystallographic texture and high temperature mechanical properties of Inconel 718 (IN718) alloy fabricated b...
Titanium disulfide decorated hollow carbon spheres towards capacitive deionization
Ezzati, Milad; Hekmat, Farzaneh; Shahrokhian, Saeed; Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah (2022-07-01)
© 2022 Elsevier B.V.Freshwater scarcity in conjunction with population expansion puts human survival in doubt. Throughout the world, millions of people are deprived of clean and safe drinking water. The development of nove...
Effect of Y Addition on the Structural Properties and Oxidation Behavior of Fe60Al40-nYn Alloys (n=1, 3, and 5 at.%)
Yildirim, Mehmet; Atas, Mehmet Sahin; Akdeniz, Mahmut Vedat; Mehrabov, Amdulla (2022-04-01)
The influence of Y addition on the microstructural features, phase relationships, hardness, magnetic behaviour and cyclic oxidation performance of Fe60Al40-nYn alloys (n = 1, 3, and 5 at.%) has been examined in detail. Al8...
Tufan, Yiğithan; Oztatli, Hayriye; GARİPCAN, BORA; Ercan, Batur (2022-04-01)
Selective laser melting of Nano-TiN reinforced 17-4 PH stainless steel: Densification, microstructure and mechanical properties
Ozsoy, Andac; Aydoğan Güngör, Eda; Dericioğlu, Arcan Fehmi (2022-03-01)
In this study, TiN-reinforced 17-4 PH stainless steel was produced by selective laser melting (SLM). It was aimed to utilize nano-sized TiN particles both as inoculants to obtain an equiaxed microstructure in as-built cond...
In-situ radiation response of additively manufactured modified Inconel 718 alloys
Aydoğan Güngör, Eda; El-Atwani, O.; Erdem, B.; Li, M.; Devaraj, A.; Koc, B.; Chen, W. -Y.; Maloy, A. (2022-03-01)
In this study, a novel alloy of modified Inconel 718 produced by laser powder bed fusion is studied before and after in-situ Kr irradiation up to 3 dpa at 200 and 450 degrees C. Before irradiation, the microstructure consi...
Radiation effect studies on partially crystalline bulk amorphous Fe-based metallic glass
Kiceci, Pelin Uslu; Akdeniz, Mahmut Vedat; Demirköz, Melahat Bilge; Mehrabov, Amdulla (2022-02-01)
The selection of appropriate materials for radiation environments is critical due to the harsh and aggressive conditions found in such environments, which are liable to degrade material properties. Therefore, durability of...
Microwave-assisted in situ laser dye incorporation into high sensitivity whispering gallery mode microresonators
Mondragon-Ochoa, Jesus S.; Gonzalez-Rivera, Jose; Toparlı, Çiğdem; Khanum, Rizwana; Moirangthem, Rakesh S.; Duce, Celia; Ferrari, Carlo; Barillaro, Giuseppe; Erbe, Andreas (2022-02-01)
Optical whispering gallery mode microresonators (WGM-mu Rs) are powerful sensitive components with many analytical applications. Here, spherical WGM-mu Rs have been synthesised in a single-step microwave (MW)-assisted hete...
Scalable, microwave-assisted decoration of commercial cotton fabrics with binary nickel cobalt sulfides towards textile-based energy storage
Hekmat, Farzaneh; Balim, Umur; Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah (2022-02-01)
High-performance textile-based energy storage systems with high energy and power densities alongside remarkable cyclic life are always at the leading edge of wearable electronics. Herein, commercial cotton fabrics (CCFs) a...
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