Antenna Scan Period Estimation of Radars with Cepstrum and Scoring

Kalfaoglu, M. Esat
Can, Ogul
Yildirim, Berkin
Alatan, Abdullah Aydın
The performance of the cepstrum method on the radar antenna scan period estimation is evaluated. In addition, instead of relying on the cepstrum estimation directly, a two-block algorithm is proposed by adding a scoring block to make the estimation more reliable. Cepstrum is compared with zero-padded Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), zero-padded periodogram and Pulse Repetition Interval (PRI) transform. Cepstrum has been observed to be superior in six of the seven groups in the radar data set with respect to performance and time complexity.


Multi-dimensional hough transform based on unscented transform as a method of track-before-detect /
Şahin, Gözde; Demirekler, Mübeccel; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2014)
Track-Before-Detect (TBD) is the problem where target state estimation and detection occur simultaneously, and is a suitable method for the detection of low-SNR targets in unthresholded sensor data. In this thesis, a new Multi-Dimensional Hough Transform (MHT) technique based on Unscented Transform is proposed for the detection of dim targets in radar data. MHT is a TBD method that fuses Hough Transform results obtained on (x-t), (y-t) and (x-y) domains in order to detect a constant velocity target. The pro...
Multicast Beamforming with Antenna Selection Using Alternating Maximization
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Rigorous optimizations of three dimensional antenna arrays using full wave simulations
Onol, Can; Gokce, Ozer; Boyacı, Huseyın; Ergül, Özgür Salih (null; 2015-07-09)
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Amplitude Tapering Scheme for Through-Element Coupled Antenna Arrays
Miran, Emre Alp; Koç, Seyit Sencer (2016-07-01)
A new approach is proposed to achieve appropriate amplitude distribution for series-fed linear microstrip patch antenna arrays. Through element coupled patches are further investigated to attain more control on the level of the transmitted signal through the antenna elements. Power coupled to the next element is controlled by adjusting the size of the coupling region (CR) and the width of the gap to accomplish amplitude tapering. An empirical formulation is obtained through parametric analysis which can be ...
Demir, Özlem Tuğfe; Tuncer, Temel Engin (2015-04-24)
In this paper, multi-group multicast beamforming is considered with antenna selection. Nonconvex joint problem is converted to an equivalent biconvex problem by using exact penalty approach. The equivalent problem is solved iteratively using alternating maximization where a convex problem is solved at each step. Antenna selection reduces the total transmitted power significantly compared to the scenario with fixed antennas. Proposed method is computationally efficient and presents significant improvements i...
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M. E. Kalfaoglu, O. Can, B. Yildirim, and A. A. Alatan, “Antenna Scan Period Estimation of Radars with Cepstrum and Scoring,” 2019, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: