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Characterisation of local isolates of Enterobacteriaceae from Turkey

20 local isolates of enterics belonging to the genera Salmonella, Enterobacter Proteus, Citrobacter from human, chicken and/or egg were characterised for their antibiotic resistance patterns, plasmid profiles, phage types, outer membrane proteins, and lipopolysaccharide patterns. Relatedness of these characteristics for epidemiological analysis was assessed. 18 (90%) strains were resistant to at least one antibiotic and those (multi-drug resistant ones) resisting to two or more antibiotics constituted 50% of all isolates. A common 54 kb plasmid was harboured by 55% of the isolates. 14 isolates showed smooth type lipopolysaccharide. 60% of the 20 isolates contained outer membrane proteins in a molecular weight range of 34.6 to 30.6 kDa. The data reveal the lack of correlation between the characteristics investigated.