Multinucleon transfer in Ni-58+Ni-60 and Ni-60+Ni-60 in a stochastic mean-field approach

Yilmaz, B.
Ayik, S.
Yılmaz, Osman
Umar, A. S.
The multinucleon exchange mechanism in Ni-58 + Ni-60 and Ni-60 + Ni-60 collisions is analyzed in the framework of the stochastic mean-field approach. The results of calculations are compared with the time-dependent random-phase approximation (TDRPA) calculations and the recent data of Ni-58 + Ni-60. A good description of the data and a relatively good agreement with the TDRPA calculations are found.


Multinucleon transfer in central collisions of U-238+U-238
Ayik, S.; YILMAZ, BÜLENT; YILMAZ TÜZÜN, ÖZGÜL; Umar, A. S.; Turan, Gürsevil (2017-08-14)
Quantal diffusion mechanism of nucleon exchange is studied in the central collisions of U-238 + U-238 in the framework of the stochastic mean-field (SMF) approach. For bombarding energies considered in this work, the dinuclear structure is maintained during the collision. Hence, it is possible to describe nucleon exchange as a diffusion process for mass and charge asymmetry. Quantal neutron and proton diffusion coefficients, including memory effects, are extracted from the SMF approach and the primary fragm...
Exploiting Class-Specific Features in Multi-feature Dissimilarity Space for Efficient Querying of Images
Yilmaz, Turgay; Yazıcı, Adnan; Yildirim, Yakup (2011-10-28)
Combining multiple features is an empirically validated approach in the literature, which increases the accuracy in querying. However, it entails processing intrinsic high-dimensionality of features and complicates realizing an efficient system. Two primary problems can be discussed for efficient querying: representation of images and selection of features. In this paper, a class-specific feature selection approach with a dissimilarity based representation method is proposed. The class-specific features are...
Multinucleon exchange in quasifission reactions
Ayik, S.; YILMAZ, BÜLENT; Yılmaz, Osman (2015-12-31)
The nucleon exchange mechanism is investigated in the central collisions of Ca-40+U-238 and Ca-48+U-238 systems near the quasifission regime in the framework of the stochastic mean-field (SMF) approach. Sufficiently below the fusion barrier, a dinuclear structure in the collisions is maintained to a large extent. Consequently, it is possible to describe nucleon exchange as a diffusion process familiar from deep-inelastic collisions. Diffusion coefficients for proton and neutron exchange are determined from ...
Pseudorapidity dependence of long-range two-particle correlations in pPb collisions at root sNN=5.02 TeV
Khachatryan, V.; et. al. (2017-07-01)
Two-particle correlations in pPb collisions at a nucleon-nucleon center-of-mass energy of 5.02 TeV are studied as a function of the pseudorapidity separation (Delta eta) of the particle pair at small relative azimuthal angle (|Delta phi| < pi/3). The correlations are decomposed into a jet component that dominates the short-range correlations (|Delta eta| < 1), and a component that persists at large Delta eta and may originate from collective behavior of the produced system. The events are classified in term...
Collisional damping of nuclear collective vibrations in a non-Markovian transport approach
Ayik, S; Yılmaz, Osman; Gokalp, A; Schuck, P (1998-09-01)
A detailed derivation of the collisional widths of collective vibrations is presented in both quantal and semiclassical frameworks by considering the linearized limits of the extended time-dependent Hartree-Fock and the Boltzmann-Uehling-Uhlenbeck model with a non-Markovian binary collision term. Damping widths of giant dipole and giant quadrupole excitations are calculated by employing an effective Skyrme force, and the results are compared with giant dipole resonance measurements in lead and tin nuclei at...
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B. Yilmaz, S. Ayik, O. Yılmaz, and A. S. Umar, “Multinucleon transfer in Ni-58+Ni-60 and Ni-60+Ni-60 in a stochastic mean-field approach,” PHYSICAL REVIEW C, pp. 0–0, 2018, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: