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We investigate the magnetohydrodynamic flow (MHD) on the upper, half of a non‐conducting plane for the case when the flow is driven by the current produced by an electrode placed in the middle of the plane. The applied magnetic field is perpendicular to the plane, the flow is laminar, uniform, steady and incompressible. An analytical solution has been developed for the velocity field and the induced magnetic field by reducing the problem to the solution of a Fredholm's integral equation of the second kind, which has been solved numerically. Infinite integrals occurring in the kernel of the integral equation and in the velocity and magnetic field were approximated for large Hartmann numbers by using Bessel functions. As the Hartmann number M increases, boundary layers are formed near the non‐conducting boundaries and a parabolic boundary layer is developed in the interface region. Some graphs are given to show examples of this behaviour.