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Novel Log Upgrading Method to Improve Seismic-to-Well Matches with Application on Hydrocarbon and Geothermal Exploration

van Hoegaerden, Vincent
Tijmen Jan, Moser
van Heiningen, Pieter
Kaymakcı, Nuretdin
The use of seismic well logs such as sonic and density for well-to-seismic matching, seismic interpretation, inversion and 3D model building is well known. Generally, the depth-to-time conversion is done using the standard checkshot correction. Both errors in the VSP/checkshot first-break picking as well as the seismic logs make this process error prone. To improve the understanding of the subsurface and get the maximum value out of broadband seismic data and seismic diffraction imaging, this paper presents a novel and robust log repair and upgrading methodology to transform well data (seismic logs and VSP/checkshots) into a complete and realistic velocity and density profile from surface to TD. A case study from the south of the Netherlands (well Heeswijk-01) is used to analyse the performance of the proposed new methodology. Comparison of the original logs after checkshot correction and the upgraded and integrated logs show a dramatic improvement in the seismic-to-well match. Application of this promising log upgrading methodology in both oil & gas and geothermal projects around the world is thus appropriate in order to get more value out of expensive wells and seismic data.