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Petrochemistry of the Oyaca-Kedikayasi (Ankara) dacites as evidence for the post-collisional tectonic evolution of north-central Anatolia, Turkey

Bozkurt, Erdin
Kocyigit, A
Winchester, JA
Holland, G
Beyhan, A
The Lower Miocene Oyaca and Kedikayasi dacite stocks, unconformably overlain by Plio-Quaternary sedimentary and volcanic rocks, intrude a southward-verging imbricate thrust zone within the izmir-Ankara-Erzincan Suture Zone (IAESZ), approximately 50 km SW of Ankara. These stocks crop out as two petrographically distinguishable plagioclase, hornblende and biotite-phyric dacites. Xenoliths petrographically similar to the Kedikayasi dacite occur within the Oyaca stock, suggesting that the Kedikayasi stock is older; if so, the venting from the magma chamber may have removed the upper, more evolved magma first.