Anharmonic line shift and linewidth of the Raman modes in TlInS2 layered crystals

Yuksek, NS
Hasanlı, Nızamı
Aydinli, A
The temperature dependence of the unpolarized Raman spectra from TlInS2 layered crystal was measured between 10 and 300 K. The analysis of the experimental data showed that the temperature dependences of wavenumbers and linewidths are well described by considering the contributions from thermal expansion and lattice anharmonicity. The purely anharmonic contribution (phonon-phonon coupling) was found to be due to three-phonon processes. This work demonstrates that the two Raman modes at 280.9 and 292.3 cm(-1) exhibit changes toward high wavenumbers as the temperature is raised from 10 to 300 K. Copyright (C) 2003 John Wiley Sons, Ltd.