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Implementation of low voltage express feeder (LVEF) to reduce of no-load losses of distribution transformers which suffer high seasonal load deviation

Tor, Osman Bulent
CEBECI, Mahmut Erkut
KAS, Naile
YILMAZ, Seyit Cem
Güven, Ali Nezih
This study presents design, technical and economic feasibility analysis, and on-site implementation of low voltage express feeder (LVEF) implementation, which is aimed to reduce off-season technical losses of transformers located at the regions dominated by summerhouses along the Mediterranean Coast. Capacities of such transformers are generally determined considering peak demand during summer season. LVEF implementation is based on the concept of connecting close by transformer couples through an LVEF cable, which enables supply of total loads of the transformers by only one transformer during off seasons. It is important to avoid parallel operation of the transformers through the LVEF for safety concerns during implementation. An interlocking system is designed for this aim in the study. Voltage drop and technical loss analysis are performed with DIgSILENT PowerFactory (TM) software in the scope of technical analysis. The most prevailing transformer couples for the LVEF implementation are determined based on a priority criterion. A pilot LVEF implementation is performed satisfactorily at Karatas province. Toroslar Elektrik Dagitim A.$. is the distribution company responsible from the region which includes many summerhouses, and therefore suffers significant seasonal load deviation.