Development of a Computer-Aided Dragline Selection Program

Demirel, Nuray
Akhundov, Sayid
Selection of appropriate machine and equipment is one of the most critical tasks required in surface mining. Since draglines are massive and expensive machines, their selection is of paramount concern to mining engineers and decision makers. The selection of appropriate dragline model requires simultaneous consideration of various parameters, such as geological properties of overburden material, stripping method, available fund, and technology. Therefore, this is a complex and time-consuming process. In this study, the dragline selection process was reviewed and a computer-aided selection program, Draglayout, was developed to increase the efficiency in the selection process. The developed software suggests list of the commercially available dragline units based on its maximum suspended load and reach factor which are compatible to achieve the given stripping and production targets. The selection process consists of four main stages as: initial estimations of dragline operation parameters (availability, dragline utilization, dragline operating hours, cycle time, ore production, ore recovery, etc.), defining initial mine design geometry, available equipment geometry, and mine design relations, reviewing the above steps and selecting the dragline.
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