The caspian pipeline games : a knot of geopolitics and economics

Nugman, Gulnar


The Great Virtual Library: Notes towards a Theory of Junk Economy
Mennan, Zeynep (null; 2005-07-03)
The Human Penguin Project: Climate, Social Integration, and Core Body Temperature
IJzerman, Hans; et. al. (2018-10-19)
Social thermoregulation theory posits that modern human relationships are pleisiomorphically organized around body temperature regulation. In two studies (N = 1755) designed to test the principles from this theory, we used supervised machine learning to identify social and non-social factors that relate to core body temperature. This data-driven analysis found that complex social integration (CSI), defined as the number of high-contact roles one engages in, is a critical predictor of core body temperature. ...
The Right wing conservative politicians in Turkey : ideological and political imaginations
Suveren, Yaşar; Şen, Mustafa; Department of Sociology (2013)
This thesis aims to describe and analyze the politicians who belong the right-wing political conservative traditions in Turkey by the mediation of their understanding and mentality. In this framework, the study primarily intends to investigate and analyze their perceptions of political and ideological imaginations. Turkish right seems to have a quite heterogeneous structure. While the recognition of the heterogeneity embodied around the political-institutional structuring is crucial to understand the Turkis...
The Annan Plan for Cyprus as a Prisoner's Dilemma Game
Koca-Atabey, Mujde (2009-06-01)
The Annan Plan for Cyprus was presented to the Greek and Turkish Cypriots for approval by simultaneous referendums held on 24.04.2004. The plan was anticipating a unified Cyprus. It was rejected by the Greek side so could not put into affect. This paper analyses the Annan Plan in relation to the Prisoner's Dilemma Game from a psychological perspective. It is concluded that contrary to what the dilemma suggests, it is always advantageous for the Turkish to cooperate. The fundamental elements of the cooperati...
The Multiple Identities of the Middle East: A Case of Iraqi Turkmen Refugees in Turkey
Yıldız, Tunahan; Çıtak Aytürk, Zana Ayşe (2021-01-01)
This article is an attempt to contribute to the empirical literature on the multiple identities of the Middle East through an under-studied ethnic group that has occupied the margins of the Middle Eastern politics, namely Iraqi Turkmens. It basically searches for the salience and interaction of a wide range of identity aspects. It attempts to break down and analyse the components of the identity of Iraqi Turkmens based mainly on the findings of a survey conducted among Sunni Iraqi Turkmens settled as refuge...
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G. Nugman, “The caspian pipeline games : a knot of geopolitics and economics,” Middle East Technical University, 2000.