Systematic and Rapid Construction of Test Beds for Planar Mechanism

Mencek, H.
Soylu, Reşit
In this study, a systematic approach, for constructing planar mechanisms by utilizing a robotic kit, is proposed. Various models for revolute and prismatic joints and various models to be used as links are suggested. The actual performances of the prototype mechanisms may be experimentally assessed by taking three basic measurements regarding the actuator voltage, actuator current and the rotational displacement of the input link. Slider crank, double slider and four bar mechanism prototypes are constructed as example planar mechanisms. In addition, the electrical power consumption of a slider crank mechanism is obtained experimentally. This consumption is compared with the power consumption obtained via a mathematical model of the mechanism.
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H. Mencek and R. Soylu, “Systematic and Rapid Construction of Test Beds for Planar Mechanism,” 2014, vol. 24, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: