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The relationships among attitudes toward gay men and lesbians, system justification, social contact, political orientation and gender.

Sakallı, Nuray
Uğurlu, Ozanser
Eryılmaz, Derya
<p>The study explored the association among attitudes toward lesbians and gay men, system justification, social contact, political orientation, and gender in a Muslim heterosexual sample in Turkey. Participants (N = 377; Women = 276 &amp; Men = 101; MAge = 21.83, SDAge = 2.00) completed scales of Attitudes toward Gay Men (ATG) and Lesbians (ATL), system justification, and demographic information. Men had more negative scores on ATG and ATL than women. Gay men were evaluated more negatively than lesbians by men. Having higher scores on system justification, being close to extreme right political orientation, and having lower social contact with gay men/lesbians were associated with negative ATG and ATL. Men scored higher on ATG, indicating negative attitudes toward gay men, but there was not a significant difference between women and men for ATL.<br></p>