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Constraints on a noncommutative physics scale with neutrino-electron scattering

Bilmiş, Selçuk
Deniz, M.
Li, H. B.
Li, J.
Liao, H. Y.
Lin, S. T.
Singh, V.
Wong, H. T.
Yildirim, I. O.
Yue, Q.
Zeyrek, Mehmet Tevfik
Neutrino-electron scatterings (nu - e) are purely leptonic processes with robust standard model predictions. Their measurements can therefore provide constraints to physics beyond the standard model. Noncommutative (NC) field theories modify space-time commutation relations, and allow neutrino electromagnetic couplings at the tree level. Their contribution to the neutrino-electron scattering cross section was derived. Constraints were placed on the NC scale parameter Lambda(NC) from nu - e experiments with reactor and accelerator neutrinos. The most stringent limit of Lambda(NC) > 3.3 TeV at 95% confidence level improves over the direct bounds from collider experiments.