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Constraints on nonstandard neutrino interactions and unparticle physics with (v) over bar (e)-e(-) scattering at the Kuo-Sheng nuclear power reactor

Deniz, M.
Bilmiş, Selçuk
Yildirim, I. O.
Li, H. B.
Li, J.
Liao, H. Y.
Lin, C. W.
Lin, S. T.
Serin, Meltem
Singh, V.
Wong, H. T.
Wu, S. C.
Yue, Q.
Zeyrek, Mehmet Tevfik
Zhou, Z. Y.
Neutrino-electron scatterings are purely leptonic processes with robust standard model (SM) predictions. Their measurements can therefore provide constraints to physics beyond SM. The (nu) over bar (e) - e data taken at the Kuo-Sheng Reactor Neutrino Laboratory were used to probe two scenarios: nonstandard neutrino interactions (NSI) and unparticle physics. New constraints were placed on the NSI parameters (epsilon(eL)(ee), epsilon(eR)(ee) ), (epsilon(eL)(e mu), epsilon(eR)(e mu)), and (epsilon(eL)(e tau), epsilon(eR)(e tau)) for the nonuniversal and flavor-changing channels, respectively, as well as to the coupling constants for scalar (lambda(0)) and vector (lambda(1)) unparticles to the neutrinos and electrons.