Effect of chromium salts on invertase immobilization onto carboxymethylcellulose-gelatine carrier system

Emregul, E
Sungur, S
Akbulut, Ural
The carboxymethylcellulose-gelatine carrier system was investigated for invertase immobilization. Chromium (III) acetate, chromium (III) sulphate and potassium chromium (III) sulphate were used as cross-linking agents. Effect of carboxymethylcellulose-gelatine ratio and cross-linker concentration on immobilized enzyme activity were analysed. Reusability of immobilized enzyme was also investigated. Maximum immobilized enzyme activities were obtained with cross-linkers chromium (III) sulphate (0.004 mol dm(-3)) and potassium chromium (III) sulphate (0.001 mol dm(-3)) for a carrier composition of carboxymethylcellulose-gelatine ratio 0.111 (w/w) as 78%. (C) 1996 Elsevier Science Limited