Influence of degree of saturation on the borehole sealing performance of an expansive cement grout

The strength measures of expansive cement grout borehole plugs cast in welded tuff cylinders is investigated as a function of the degree of saturation of the plugged rock cylinder and of borehole size. Details on experimental procedure regarding rock cylinder and cement grout preparation, sample curing conditions, experimental apparatus, sample loading, mechanical characterization of the rock, and cement grout, along with procedures for the determination of the sample saturation assuming uniform saturation, and strength measures are presented. The extrapolated axial strengths to a plug radius of 100 mm show that the more saturated samples show higher strengths as compared to the dry samples. The strength measures decrease with increasing plug radius, obeying a power law.


Influence of elevated temperature on axially loaded expansive cement grout borehole plug sealing performance
Akgün, Haluk (Thomas Telford Ltd., 2000-10-01)
The strength of expansive cement grout borehole plugs cast in rock cylinders is investigated theoretically and experimentally as a function of curing and testing temperature of the plugged rock cylinder and of borehole size. The distributions of thermally induced stresses and displacements, shear stresses along the plug-rock interface due to an axial stress applied to the plug, and resultant interfacial shear stresses due to a combination of uniform elevated temperature and axial load are studied and analys...
Influence of the shape and roughness of inclusions on the rheological properties of a cementitious suspension
Erdoğan, Sinan Turhan; Ferraris, C. F.; Fowler, D. W. (Elsevier BV, 2008-05-01)
The influence of particle shape and surface roughness on the rheological properties of cementitious composites (cement paste plus coarse and fine particles) was investigated for mixtures of mortars and laboratory-made aggregates. The coarse particles were monosized spheres and cubes made from mortar, and monosized glass spheres, uncoated or roughened. The fine particles were uncoated or roughened monosized glass mini-spheres. The coarse particle mixtures were tested with a concrete rheometer to investigate ...
Effect of material characteristics on the properties of blended cements containing high volumes of natural pozzolans
Turanlı, Lutfullah; Uzal, B; Bektas, F (Elsevier BV, 2004-12-01)
The effect of three different natural pozzolans from Turkish deposits on the properties of blended cements produced by intergrinding cement clinker with a high volume of natural pozzolan (55 wt.% of the cementitious material) was investigated. The particle size distribution of blended cements, setting time, heat of hydration, and compressive strength of blended cement mortars were determined. Experimental results showed that the hardness of the pozzolanic material strongly influenced the particle size distr...
Analysis of the effects of vertical pre-release cracks on prestressed concrete bridge girders
Baran, Eray; French, Catherine; Wyffels, Tina (Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, 2004-11-01)
Vertical cracks, termed "pre-release cracks," beginning at the top flange and propagating downward into the section depth have been observed to develop during the production of long-span prestressed concrete bridge girders. The cracking which is attributed to the restrained shrinkage the concrete and thermal effects during the curing period prior to release of the prestressing strands, tends to be more critical for long-span girders with deep sections and large amounts of prestressing strands. Studies were ...
Reduction of Lateral Earth Forces Acting on Rigid Nonyielding Retaining Walls by EPS Geofoam Inclusions
ERTUĞRUL, ÖZGÜR LÜTFİ; Trandafir, Aurelian C. (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2011-12-01)
Expanded polystyrene (EPS) geofoam panels of low stiffness installed vertically against the rigid nonyielding retaining structure provide additional deformations in the backfill. This behavior will lead to the mobilization of a greater portion of the soil strength, thus decreasing the lateral earth thrust acting on the rigid retaining wall. This study addresses the effect of geofoam compressible inclusion on lateral earth thrust acting on a rigid nonyielding retaining wall by small-scale model tests and num...
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