The Relationship Between Energy Commodity Prices and Electricity and Market Index Performances: Evidence from an Emerging Market

Ordu, Beyza Mina
Soytaş, Uğur
We investigate the effect of energy commodity price movements on market and electricity index returns in Turkey for the periods before, during, and after the year 2008. Although the Turkish economy is highly reliant on oil, we find that oil price does not lead either electricity or market indexes. This might be attributable to sluggish integration of financial markets in Turkey compared to developed markets. Natural gas price leads electricity index in the pre-2008 period. Its significance is reduced following the decline in natural gas usage in electricity production. This suggests that commodity dependence may be driving the link between commodity and asset prices in related sectors.


The impact of crude oil prices on financial market indicators: copula approach
Kayalar, Derya Ezgi; KÜÇÜKÖZMEN, CUMHUR ÇOŞKUN; Kestel, Sevtap Ayşe (2017-01-01)
Oil price changes have varying impacts on the financial indicators of global markets and economies. This study aims to explore the dependence structure between crude oil prices and stock market indices, as well as the exchange rates in a number of economies categorized with respect to their status as developing/emerging markets, and oil importer/exporter countries. Dependence structures in this study are evaluated in considerable depth using copula models. The broad time period covered allows the investigat...
The relationship between stock returns crude oil prices interest rates and output evidence from a developing economy
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İlseven, Engin; Göl, Murat; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2020-11-15)
In the electricity market, there is a considerable degree of uncertainty in electricity demand, supply, and price due to the uncertainty in parameters such as economic growth, weather conditions, fuel prices, and timing of new investments, etc. These factors in return affect the predictability of the electricity market. This thesis aims to increase the predictability and observability of the electricity market by means of a suitable and validated electricity market modeling methodology designed for medium a...
Volatility Spillover from Oil to Food and Agricultural Raw Material Markets
Kaltalıoğlu, Müge; Soytaş, Uğur (2011-05-01)
The upward movement in oil and food prices in the 2000s has attracted interest in the information transmission mechanism between the two markets. This paper investigates the volatility spillover between oil, food consumption item, and agricultural raw material price indexes for the period January 1980 to April 2008.The results of the Cheung-Ng procedure show that variation in oil prices does not Granger cause the variance in food and agricultural raw material prices. Since there is no volatility spillover f...
Probabilistic day-ahead system marginal price forecasting with ANN for the Turkish electricity market
OZGUNER, Erdem; TOR, Osman Bulent; Güven, Ali Nezih (2017-01-01)
This study presents a system day-ahead hourly market clearing price forecasting tool for the day-ahead (DA) market and a system DA hourly marginal price forecasting tool for the real-time market of the Turkish electric market (TEM). These forecasting tools are developed based on artificial neural networks (ANNs). A series of historical price data of the TEM are utilized to model and optimize the ANN structure and to develop the ANN-based price forecasting tool. The methodology used to select the optimum ANN...
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