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Lambda(b) -> Lambda l(+)l(-) decay in universal extra dimensions

We study the exclusive Lambda(b) ->Lambda l(+)l(-)(l = mu,Gamma) decay in the Appelquist, Chang, Dobrescu model with a single universal extra dimension. We investigate the sensitivity of the branching ratio, lepton polarization and forward-backward asymmetry A(FB) to the compactification parameter 1/R. We obtain the result that the branching ratio for the Lambda(b) -> Lambda l(+)l(-) (l = mu, T) decay changes about 25% compared to the SM value when 1/R = 250 GeV, and the zero position of the forward-backward asymmetry is shifted to the left compared to the SM result. Therefore, measurement of the branching ratio of Lambda(b) -> Lambda l(+)l(-) (l = mu,T) decay and determination of the zero position of AFB are very useful in looking for new physics in the framework of the UED models.