Mass and angular momentum of asymptotically AdS or flat solutions in the topologically massive gravity

We study the conserved charges of supersymmetric solutions in the topologically massive gravity theory for both asymptotically flat and constant curvature geometries.


Energy in topologically massive gravity
Deser, S; Tekin, Bayram (IOP Publishing, 2003-11-07)
We define conserved gravitational charges in cosmologically extended topologically massive gravity, exhibit them in surface integral form about their de Sitter or flat vacua and verify their correctness in terms of two basic types of solution.
Born-Infeld extension of new massive gravity
Gullu, Ibrahim; Sisman, Tahsin Cagri; Tekin, Bayram (IOP Publishing, 2010-08-21)
We present a three-dimensional gravitational Born-Infeld theory which reduces to the recently found new massive gravity (NMG) at the quadratic level in the small curvature expansion and at the cubic order reproduces the deformation of NMG obtained from AdS/CFT. Our action provides a remarkable extension of NMG to all orders in the curvature and might define a consistent quantum gravity.
BAYM, SS (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 1994-10-01)
We calculate the renormalized quantum vacuum energy inside a spherical boundary for the massless conformal scalar field in curved background Robertson-Walker geometry. We use the mode sum method with an exponential cuttoff. In our calculations we do not make assumptions about the exterior geometry or the global topology of the universe.
Topologically massive gravity as a Pais-Uhlenbeck oscillator
Sarıoğlu, Bahtiyar Özgür; Tekin, Bayram (IOP Publishing, 2006-12-21)
We give a detailed account of the free- field spectrum and the Newtonian limit of the linearized ` massive' ( Pauli -Fierz), 'topologically massive' ( Einstein Hilbert - Chern - Simons) gravity in 2 + 1 dimensions about a Minkowski spacetime. For a certain ratio of the parameters, the linearized free theory is Jordan diagonalizable and reduces to a degenerate ` Pais - Uhlenbeck' oscillator which, despite being a higher derivative theory, is ghost free.
All unitary cubic curvature gravities in D dimensions
Sisman, Tahsin Cagri; Gullu, Ibrahim; Tekin, Bayram (IOP Publishing, 2011-10-07)
We construct all the unitary cubic curvature gravity theories built on the contractions of the Riemann tensor in D-dimensional (anti)-de Sitter spacetimes. Our construction is based on finding the equivalent quadratic action for the general cubic curvature theory and imposing ghost and tachyon freedom, which greatly simplifies the highly complicated problem of finding the propagator of cubic curvature theories in constant curvature backgrounds. To carry out the procedure we have also classified all the unit...
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S. Olmez, B. Ö. Sarıoğlu, and B. Tekin, “Mass and angular momentum of asymptotically AdS or flat solutions in the topologically massive gravity,” CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM GRAVITY, pp. 4355–4361, 2005, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: