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Investigation of Tsunami Hydrodynamic Parameters in Inundation Zones with Different Structural Layouts

Sozdinler, Ceren Ozer
Yalçıner, Ahmet Cevdet
Zaytsev, Andrey
In this study, we analyze the tsunami parameter "hydrodynamic demand" (HD) using advanced numerical modeling. The HD can be defined as the square of the Froude number, which represents the relative value of the drag force (damage level) of tsunami waves in the inundation zone. The other key hydrodynamic parameters investigated in this study include maximum flow depth (inundation depth), maximum current velocity and its direction, and maximum water elevation and discharge flux occurring during tsunami inundation. The analyses are performed on regular-shaped basins with various orientations and distribution of coastal and land structures in order to provide comparisons of the results in a number of different case studies. We also provide information for defining damage levels in residential areas and for testing the performance of coastal protection structures.