Content Based Copy Detection with Coarse Audio-Visual Fingerprints

Saracoglu, Ahmet
Esen, Ersin
Ates, Tugrul K.
Acar, Banu Oskay
Zubari, Uenal
Ozan, Ezgi C.
Ozalp, Egemen
Alatan, Abdullah Aydın
Ciloglu, Tolga
Content based copy detection (CBCD) emerges as a viable choice against active detection methodology of watermarking. The very first reason is that the media already under circulation cannot be marked and secondly, CBCD inherently can endure various severe attacks, which watermarking cannot. Although in general, media content is handled independently as visual and audio in this work both information sources are utilized in a unified framework, in which coarse representation of fundamental features are employed. From the copy detection perspective, number of attacks on audio content is limited with respect to visual case. Therefore audio, if present, is an indispensable part of a robust video copy detection system. In this study, the validity of this statement is presented through various experiments on a large data set.
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