SiC Substrate Effects on Electron Transport in the Epitaxial Graphene Layer

Arslan, Engin
Cakmakyapan, Semih
Kazar, Ozgur
Butun, Serkan
Lisesivdin, Sefer Bora
Cinel, Neval A.
Ertaş, Gülay
Ardali, Sukru
Tiras, Engin
Jawad-ul-Hassan, Jawad-ul-Hassan
Janzen, E.
Ozbay, Ekmel
Hall effect measurements on epitaxial graphene (EG) on SiC substrate have been carried out as a function of temperature. The mobility and concentration of electrons within the two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) at the EG layers and within the underlying SiC substrate are readily separated and characterized by the simple parallel conduction extraction method (SPCEM). Two electron carriers are identified in the EG/SiC sample: one high-mobility carrier (3493 cm(2)/Vs at 300 K) and one low-mobility carrier (1115 cm(2)/Vs at 300 K). The high mobility carrier can be assigned to the graphene layers. The second carrier has been assigned to the SiC substrate.