Cramer Rao bounds and instrument optimization for slitless spectroscopy

Öktem, Sevinç Figen
Davila, Joseph
Spectroscopy is a fundamental diagnostic technique in physical sciences with widespread application. Multi-order slitless imaging spectroscopy has been recently proposed to overcome the limitations of traditional spectrographs, in particular their small instantaneous field of view. Since an inversion is required to infer the physical parameters of interest from slitless spectroscopic measurements, a rigorous theory is essential for quantitative characterization of their performance. In this paper we develop such a theory using the Cramer-Rao lower bounds for the physical parameters of interest, which are derived in terms of important instrument design considerations including the spectral orders to measure, dispersion scale, signal-to-noise ratio, and number of pixels. Our treatment provides a framework for exploring the optimal choices of these design considerations. We illustrate these concepts for an application in EUV solar spectroscopy.


Parameter estimation for instantaneous spectral imaging
Öktem, Sevinç Figen; Davila, Joseph M (2014-05-04)
Spectral imaging is a fundamental diagnostic technique in physical sciences with widespread application. Conventionally, spectral imaging techniques rely on a scanning process, which renders them unsuitable for dynamic scenes. Here we study the problem of estimating the physical parameters of interest from the measurements of a non-scanning spectral imager based on a parametric model. This inverse problem, which can be viewed as a multi-frame deblurring problem, is formulated as a maximum a posteriori (MAP)...
Cross-section measurements of SC-43ANDV-48 radioisotopes produced via Bern medical cyclotron
Sökmen, Gamze; Zeyrek, Mehmet Tevfik; Braccini, Saverio; Department of Physics (2017)
Positron Emission Tomography is a diagnostic technique in nuclear medicine to achieve quantitative measurements of biochemical processes in vivo, regarding its ability to detect positron-emitter-labeled radiopharmaceuticals at picomolar levels. An ideal PET radioisotope is required to have significant features decided by its half-life, de- cay kinematic, and cross-section. Thus, the 43Sc radionuclide can be considered as a promising solution with its desirable half-life of 3.89 hours. The present thesis fo-...
Gelgeç, Melis; Altan, Hakan; Department of Physics (2022-8-25)
In this thesis, a Terahertz Attenuated Total Reflection Time Domain Spectroscopy (THz ATR-TDS) system was constructed to measure biological media. The constructed system driven by a Yb:doped mode-locked fiber laser had a limited bandwidth of about 0.3 THz. This bandwidth limited the analysis of various samples in the frequency domain. To overcome this limitation a method was developed so that the samples can be analyzed in the time-domain. Oral soft tissue samples collected were used in order to demonstrate...
Quality Enhancement of Computed Tomography Images of Porous Media Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Yıldırım, Ertuğrul Umut; Uğur, Ömür; Glatz, Guenther; Department of Scientific Computing (2022-2-11)
Computed tomography has been widely used in clinical and industrial applications as a non-destructive visualization technology. The quality of computed tomography scans has a strong effect on the accuracy of the estimated physical properties of the investigated sample. X-ray exposure time is a crucial factor for scan quality. Ideally, long exposure time scans, yielding large signal-to-noise ratios, are available if physical properties are to be delineated. However, especially in micro-computed tomography ap...
Numerical and experimental evaluation of computational spectral imaging with photon sieves
Alkanat, Tunç; Öktem, Sevinç Figen; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2016)
Spectral imaging, the simultaneous imaging and spectroscopy of a radiating scene, is an important diagnostic tool for an expanding range of applications in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, astronomy, and remote sensing. In this thesis, a recently developed computational imaging technique that enables high-resolution spectral imaging is studied both numerically and experimentally. This technique employs a diffractive imaging element called photon sieve, and distributes the image formation taskbetween t...
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