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Non-isothermal kinetic analysis and feasibilty study of medium grade crude oil field

In this research, non-isothermal kinetics and feasibility study of medium grade crude oil is studied in the presence of a limestone matrix. Experiments were performed at a heating rate of 10 degrees C min(-1), whereas the air flow rate was kept constant at 50 mL min(-1) in the temperature range of 20 to 600 degrees C (DSC) and 20 to 900 degrees C (TG). In combustion with air, three distinct reaction regions were identified in all crude oil/limestone mixtures, known as low temperature oxidation (LTO), fuel deposition (FD) and high temperature oxidation (HTO). The activation energy values were in the order of 5-9 kJ mol(-1) in LTO region and 189-229 kJ mol(-1) in HTO region. It was concluded that the medium grade crude oil field was not feasible for a self-sustained combustion process.