Global Design Activism Survey



Gender, Technology, and the Designer's Work: A Feminist Review
Kaygan, Pınar (Informa UK Limited, 2016-01-01)
This article presents a critical review of the feminist design studies that have been concerned with women's disadvantaged position in technology-related fields of design. It explores these studies under two main research strands, the first of which is focused on revealing the contributions of the "exceptional" women hidden from the history of design, and the second is based on the assumption that women designers have a unique perspective that would enable them to understand better and satisfy the needs and...
Material Processuality: Alternative Grounds for Design Research
Tönük Kruıthof, Damla (Informa UK Limited, 2020-01-01)
This article opens discussion on the positivist epistemology underlying the understandings of materials in design research that have been brought along as a result of theory and methods inherited from engineering and psychology. Examining the ambitions of work that seeks to operationalize knowledge created by these methods in the design process, we propose that attending to the processuality of material forms is a more adequate way for design research to capture the multiplicity of materials. We develop thi...
Consumers’ Emotional Responses to Brands and Branded Products
Şener Pedgley, Bahar (Common Ground Research Networks, 2009-05-01)
Global Design History
Kaygan, Harun (2013-02-01)
The Use of Eroticism in Nasreddin Hoca Anecdotes
Karabas, Seyfi (JSTOR, 1990-7)
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