Collaboration among small shippers in a transportation market

Intense competition in markets is pushing companies to increase their operational efficiency. One possible way to achieve increased efficiency is through cooperation with other companies. We study the coalition formation among small shippers in a transportation market characterized by uncertain demand. We analyze the decisions taken by the coalition and study the effect of shipper characteristics on the benefit of collaboration. Analysis shows that the shippers always benefit from the coalition, but when the benefits are to be allocated, the coalition may not always guarantee the budget balance, which is elementary for sustainability of any coalition. Using a game theoretical approach this study proposes saving allocation mechanisms and discusses the conditions that lead to a balanced budget.


Analysis of a two-echelon multi-item inventory system with postponement
Eryılmaz, Hande; Meral, Fatma Sedef; Department of Industrial Engineering (2010)
Increased product proliferation and global competition are forcing companies within the supply chain to adopt new strategies. Postponement is an effective strategy that allows companies to be agile and cost effective in dealing with the dynamics of global supply chains. Postponement centres around delaying activities in the supply chain until real information about the market is available, which reduces the complexity and uncertainty of dealing with a proliferation of products. A two-echelon divergent suppl...
Dynamic switching times from season to single tickets in sports and entertainment
Duran, Serhan; Yakici, Ertan (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2012-08-01)
Revenue management can be used in many industries where there is a limited, perishable capacity and the market can be segmented. In this paper we focus on the sales of event tickets in the Sports and Entertainment industries, where tickets are sold exclusively as season tickets initially or as single events later in the selling horizon. We specifically study the optimal time to switch between these market segments dynamically as a function of the state of the system. Under Poisson demand processes, we find ...
Collaboration among small shippers in cargo transportation
Yılmaz, Özhan; Savaşaneril Tüfekci, Seçil; Department of Industrial Engineering (2009)
As a result of widespread and effective usage of internet, firms tend to collaborate to reduce their operating costs. This thesis analyzes collaboration opportunities for a group of small shippers. A transportation intermediary determining the optimal actions for arriving shippers and a mechanism allocating savings to the shippers is proposed in the thesis. The performance of the intermediary is assessed by using computational analyses. An experimental set is formed that is by changing the parameters that a...
A cooperative shipment consolidation game with emission considerations
Keven, Halit.; Savaşaneril Tüfekci, Seçil; Department of Industrial Engineering (2020)
Logistic operations constitute one of the most significant cost components for many companies. Furthermore, these activities have turned out to be one of the main causes of carbon emissions in the world. The carbon emission issue has been under the spotlight in many countries due to the rising concerns about global warming which brought about new regulations. Large majority of these regulations tend to increase the total costs of logistic operations by a variable factor directly related to carbon emission a...
Teamwork effectiveness for successful product development : relationship between engineers and industrial designers
Pehlivan, Gözde; Ünlü, Canan Emine; Department of Industrial Design (2007)
Manufacturing companies are searching for new techniques day by day to launch qualified products with a competitive price to the market. Companies believe in the importance of teams which have members coming from different disciplines who use their knowledge, experiences, and creativity for achieving the goals of their teams. The purpose of this study is to explore the effectiveness of teamwork for successful product development process by focusing on the relationship between the team members especially eng...
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