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Teamwork effectiveness for successful product development : relationship between engineers and industrial designers

Pehlivan, Gözde
Manufacturing companies are searching for new techniques day by day to launch qualified products with a competitive price to the market. Companies believe in the importance of teams which have members coming from different disciplines who use their knowledge, experiences, and creativity for achieving the goals of their teams. The purpose of this study is to explore the effectiveness of teamwork for successful product development process by focusing on the relationship between the team members especially engineers’ and industrial designers’ relation. After a broad literature survey, a descriptive-survey study that aims demonstrating the relationship between engineers and industrial designers in manufacturing companies in Turkey is held in order to investigate the effectiveness of teamwork in product development process. A twelve item questionnaire which has four open-ended questions and eight Likert-scaled statements has been prepared. As the result of this study, a positive relationship is found between the performance of product development team and the effects of cooperation, social and professional communication, having clear and common goals, sharing knowledge and experiences, leadership, coordination and cooperative problem solving and decision making processes to the relationship between engineers and industrial designers.