Money demand and the effects of tax policy in the special case of Turkey: 1969-1989

Ermut (Kılan), Nazlı


Currency substitution hypothesis and money demand in Turkey: a dynamic model
İskenderoğlu, Lerzan; Ekinci, Nazım; Department of Economics (1989)
Money supply mechanism in Turkey:a comparison of monetary base and flow-of-funds approach
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Financial capital flows and economic growth: the Turkish case
Kömürcüoğlu, Muammer; Akbostancı Özkazanç, Elif; Department of Economics (2010)
This study analyzes the effect of capital outflows on economic growth though the channels described in sudden stop literature. Using the autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL) bounds testing approach; it is found that there is a cointegration between capital inflows, real exchange rate and real GDP. The results show that there is a significant positive long-run relation between capital inflows and growth. It is also found that capital inflows affect real output in the short run. The results show that real ex...
Financial dollarization, monetary policy stance and institutional structure : the experience of Latin America and Turkey
Uzun, Arzu; Özmen, Erdal; Department of Economics (2005)
Financial dollarization, defined as the substantial presence of foreign currency denominated assets and liabilities in the balance sheets of the main sectors of an economy, is a widespread phenomenon among developing economies, especially in Latin America and Turkey. Since financial dollarization often causes financial fragility and limits the effectiveness of monetary policy, the causes and consequences of it and dedollarization strategies have been placed at the forefront of policy debates especially in d...
Financial Structure and Economic Growth: Evidence from Emerging Markets
Şendeniz Yüncü, İlkay (2019-06-27)
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N. Ermut (Kılan), “ Money demand and the effects of tax policy in the special case of Turkey: 1969-1989,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 1991.