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Error Exponents for Variable-length block codes with feedback and cost constraints

Nakiboğlu, Barış
Gallager, Robert G
Win, Moe Z
Variable-length block-coding schemes are investigated for discrete memoryless channels (DMC) with perfect feedback under cost constraints. Upper and lower bounds are found for the minimum achievable probability of decoding error P-e,P- min as a function of transmission rate R, cost constraint P, and expected block length tau. For given P and R, the lower and upper bounds to the exponent -(ln P-e,P- min)/tau are asymptotically equal as tau -> infinity. The reliability function, Iim(tau ->infinity) (-ln P-e,P-min)/tau, as a function of P and R, is concave in the pair (P, R) and generalizes the linear reliability function of Burnashev [1] to include cost constraints.