Effect of water-filling method on the PAPR for OFDM and MIMO systems

Vural, Mehmet
Akta, Tugcan
Yılmaz, Ali Özgür
In this paper, the peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) problem for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is investigated. The variations in the nature of the problem along with the utilization of water-filling technique are observed and the corresponding cumulative distribution function for PAPR is determined. In addition to OFDM analysis, another analysis is carried out for the comparison of water-filling technique and an equal power distribution algorithm in case of a multiple input multiple output (MIMO) system and the same PAPR problem is examined in the spatial diversity scenario as well.


Effects of Non-Abelian Magnetic Fields on Pair Production in Flat and Curved Spaces
Özcan, Berk; Kürkçüoğlu, Seçkin; Department of Physics (2021-9)
Our objective in this thesis is to compute the pair production rates for both bosons and fermions under the influence of non-abelian gauge fields on the manifolds $\mathbb{R}^{3,1} \equiv \mathbb{R}^2 \times \mathbb{R}^{1,1}$ and $S^2 \times \mathbb{R}^{1,1}$. We will compare the pair production rates of the spherical cases with the flat ones, and also compare the non-abelian cases with the abelian ones to see effects of both curvature and non-abelian field strength on the pair production. We first review t...
Application of the spectroscopic modifications of Pippard relations to NaNO2 in the ferroelectric phase
Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit (2001-01-01)
This study examines a linear variation of the specific heat C-P with the frequency shifts 1/nu(partial derivative nu/partial derivativeT) for the Brillouin frequencies of the L-mode [010], [001] and [100] in the ferroelectric phase of NaNO2 according to our spectroscopically modified Pippard relation. We obtain this linear relationship for those modes studied and calculate dT(C)/dP in the ferroelectric phase of NaNO2. Our calculated values of dT(C)/dP for the [001] and [100] modes are in good agreement with...
Simplified MAP estimator for OFDM systems under fading
Cueruek, Selva Muratoglu; Tanık, Yalçın (2007-04-25)
This paper presents a simplified Maximum A Posteriori (MAP) estimator, which yields channel taps in OFDM systems under fading conditions using a parametric correlation model, assuming that the channel is frequency selective, slowly time varying and Gaussian. Expressions for the variance of estimation error are derived to evaluate the performance of the MAP estimator. The relation between the correlation of subchannels taps and error variance and the effect of Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) are investigated. Th...
Cut-off Rate based Outage Probability Analysis of Frequency Hopping Mobile Radio under Jamming Conditions
Güvensen, Gökhan Muzaffer; Tanık, Yalçın; Yılmaz, Ali Özgür (2010-11-03)
This paper deals with the achievable spectral efficiency and outage analysis of short burst frequency hopping (FH) mobile radios under heavy jamming scenarios. With the use of outage probability analysis based on cut-off rate, the maximum spectral efficiency (bits / dimension) and the required number of radio frequency bursts (RFB) (or degrees of freedom) is determined in order to transmit a message reliably for a given target outage probability, number of information bits (message information length) and c...
On the Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation for Frequency Hopping Burst Mode Mobile Radio
Güvensen, Gökhan Muzaffer; Tanık, Yalçın; Yılmaz, Ali Özgür (2010-11-03)
In this paper, we evaluate the Cramer-Rao bounds (CRB) for the estimation of the carrier frequency offset (CFO) for general QAM modulations with no knowledge of the transmitted sequence (blind operation) in frequency hopping (FH) based short burst mode mobile radios. We investigate the blind CFO estimation problem in FH based mobile system that uses multiple short narrowband bursts in different frequency channels for the transmission of one packet. Joint blind channel and CFO estimation over multiple freque...
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M. Vural, T. Akta, and A. Ö. Yılmaz, “Effect of water-filling method on the PAPR for OFDM and MIMO systems,” 2007, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/43095.