Technology foresight and modeling: Turkish cybersecurity foresight 2040

Çifci, Hasan
Foresight is a systematic and multidisciplinary process with proper methodology combinations for identifying technological, economic and social areas to prioritize investments and research to realize medium or long-term future strategies by using various resources from organizational to international level. Cybersecurity is the protection of cyber systems from cyber-attacks and providing integrity, confidentiality, and availability of those systems. In this thesis, information about technology foresight and cybersecurity is given through a detailed literature review and with the examples from all over the world. Two round Delphi survey, focus group, and scenario methods were mainly performed in order to develop Turkey’s national cybersecurity technology foresight. In the study, a new technology foresight model and framework created by the researcher and thesis supervisor were followed to keep up with an optimum approach. The thesis is concluded by the concrete policy suggestions based on the foresight outputs.
Citation Formats
H. Çifci, “Technology foresight and modeling: Turkish cybersecurity foresight 2040,” Thesis (Ph.D.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Science and Technology Policy Studies, Middle East Technical University, 2019.