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The Effect of guerrilla advertising on consumer’s ad attitude and purchase intention: a study on well-known brands

Özkan, Selam Yiğit
This thesis aims to explore the role of guerrilla advertising on consumers’ advertisement attitudes and purchase intentions on a Turkish sample and related literature. Interpreted as a breath of fresh air and a differential approach on advertising, guerrilla advertising has been implemented by relevant people in their operations in order to be more competitive and reach more people with less effort in the meaning of time and cost, compared to traditional advertising. Although guerrilla advertising has not been explored yet and a small number of people have been benefiting from it, besides being not well-known, guerrilla advertising has a lot to be discovered in further research. Therefore, this thesis was initialized to explore the structure, implementation and samples of guerrilla advertising, then, in order to examine the effect of guerrilla advertising on consumers’ behaviors such as their attitudes toward the advertisements and their purchase intentions with the aid of a detailed questionnaire system developed for four well-known brands. By the sets of questionnaires applied to 264 people aged 18 and above in Turkey, data was used to test the effect of guerrilla advertising. Consequently, this study contributes to the guerrilla advertising literature by investigating its features and effectiveness in advertising supported with obtained data.