Use of Piezoelectric crystals in stabilizing multivibrator frequency.

Tanman, Gün M


Use of friction dampers in high-rise steel structures.
Çelik, Hüseyin Çetin; Gülkan, Polat; Department of Civil Engineering (2002)
Use of voronoi gridding in well test design
Rahimov, Fuad; Sınayuç, Çağlar; Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (2015)
One of the most efficient tools to accurately characterize the reservoir and its nature is well testing. In the literature, well testing sometimes is referred as Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA). For the development strategy of the field both technical and economic considerations are involved. In order to perform well testing, firstly it needs to be correctly designed, otherwise well testing will not yield reliable information about the reservoir. There are both analytical and numerical techniques for the ...
Use of Asymptotic Waveform Evaluation Technique in the Analysis of Multilayer Structures With Doubly Periodic Dielectric Gratings
Gudu, Tamer; Alatan, Lale (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2009-09-01)
The reflection and dispersion characteristics of multilayer structures that involve periodically implanted material blocks are obtained by using the MoM solution of the volume integral equation. The asymptotic waveform evaluation (AWE) technique is utilized to obtain a Pade approximation of the solution in terms of a parameter such as frequency or incident angle. The use of AWE technique enables a fast sweep with respect to the approximation parameter. Moreover, a robust method for extracting the dispersion...
Use of oxidized AlxGa1-xAs layers for low loss metal clad waveguides and polarization splitters
Bek, Alpan; Champlain, JG; Naone, R; Dagli, N (1999-01-01)
Very low loss single mode optical waveguides with metal electrodes are fabricated using wet-oxidized AlxGa1-xAs layers as upper cladding. Optical polarization splitters are also designed and compared with conventional designs.
Use of single-pellet moment technique for studying surface-catalyzed gas reactions.
Ozan, Nazan; Department of Chemical Engineering (1981)
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G. M. Tanman, “Use of Piezoelectric crystals in stabilizing multivibrator frequency.,” Middle East Technical University, 1967.