Bandwidth consideration of UHF Yağı arrays.

Girgin, Rafet


Bandwidth Enhancement of Small Square Monopole Antenna Using Self-Complementary Structure for Microwave Imaging System Applications
Ojaroudi, Mohammad; Aydın Çivi, Hatice Özlem (2015-12-01)
A novel printed monopole antenna for ultra-wideband (UWB) applications is designed based on self-complementary structure as a matching network. The proposed antenna consists of a square radiating patch and a self-complementary structure located next to feed line, which provides a wide usable fractional bandwidth of more than 100% (3.04-11.43 GHz). Self-complementary matching network is created, by cutting two rectangular ring slots on the ground plane and by inserting two rectangular rings coupled elements ...
Bandwidth determination for kernel density analysis of wildfire events at forest sub-district scale
KUTER, SEMİH; Usul, Nurunnisa; KUTER, NAZAN (2011-09-10)
Forest fire is regarded as one of the most significant factors leading to land degradation. While evaluating fire hazard or producing fire risk zone maps, quantitative analyses using historic fire data is often required, and during all these modeling and multi-criteria analysis processes, the fire event itself is taken as the dependent variable. However, there are two main problematic issues in analyzing historic fire data. The first difficulty arises from the fact that it is in point format, whereas a cont...
Spectrum Pooling in MmWave Networks: Opportunities, Challenges, and Enablers
Boccardi, Federico; Shokri-Ghadikolaei, Hossein; Fodor, Gabor; Erkip, Elza; Fischione, Carlo; Kountouris, Marios; Popovski, Petar; Zorzi, Michele (2016-11-01)
Motivated by the specific characteristics of mmWave technologies, we discuss the possibility of an authorization regime that allows spectrum sharing between multiple operators, also referred to as spectrum pooling. In particular, considering user rate as the performance measure, we assess the benefit of coordination among networks of different operators, study the impact of beamforming at both base stations and user terminals, and analyze the pooling performance at different frequency carriers. We also disc...
Broadband phase shifter realization with surface micromachined lumped components
Tokgöz, Korkut Kaan; Demir, Şimşek; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2012)
Phase Shifters are one of the most important building cells of the applications in microwave and millimeter-wave range, especially for communications and radar applications; to steer the main beam for electronic scanning. This thesis includes all of the stages starting from the theoretical design stage to the measurements of the phase shifters. In detail, all-pass network phase shifter configuration is used to achieve broadband and ultra wide-band differential phase characteristics. For these reasons, 1 to ...
Wavelength converter placement in all-optical networks
Mındıkoğlu, Eygü; Bilgen, Semih; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2001)
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R. Girgin, “Bandwidth consideration of UHF Yağı arrays.,” Middle East Technical University, 1968.