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Implementing real-time data analytics methods for predictive manufacturing in oil and gas industry : from the perspective of industry 4.0

Yeldan, Yiğit
With the recent developments in statistics and computer science, digitalization has become more important for manufacturing companies. Thanks to the progress made in the area of information technologies, it has become possible for all production systems to communicate with each other by transmitting and receiving data digitally in order to manage the decision-making process in the best manner. Several studies suggest that production processes that are based on full automation will be compulsory for companies to survive in the future. According to field experts, the new industrial revolution which covers Big Data and the Internet of Things will be a process of digital manufacturing, known as Industry 4.0. In this revolution process, computers can analyze the data collected from the digital components placed in the production area and decide the best action to take automatically. This study conducts a comprehensive review of Industry 4.0 technologies and the contribution of these technologies to the oil and gas sector.