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The characteristics of financial innovation in developing countries : the case of Turkey

Kılıçaslan, Seda
Financial innovations are one of the important factors affecting the development of financial markets and have attracted more attention in the literature especially after the 1980s. In the existing literature, only a few studies investigate financial innovation processes in developing countries. The main purpose of this study is to investigate the factors influencing the emergence and development processes of financial innovations in Turkey. Thus, it is aimed to fill the gap in the development process of financial innovation in developing countries in the literature. In this study, a qualitative data was collected by interviewing with the employees from the first 9 out of the 15 highest ranking banks in Turkey considering the asset size of the banks. In addition to these banks, there was also an interview conducted with an employee from a participation bank. The interviewed employees were working in the headquarter office of the relevant banks and were general managers of innovation department, manager of R&D department, IT specialist or innovation specialist. In the light of the information generated by the interview results, technological developments, changing customer expectations and market conditions, cultural characteristics of society and government regulations are the factors that affect the emergence and development processes of financial innovations in developing and developed countries. Moreover, it is observed that government regulations and the cultural characteristics of society are the most important ones for Turkey among these factors.