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The effects of subduction termination on the continental lithosphere: Linking volcanism, deformation, surface uplift, and slab tearing in central Anatolia

Delph, Jonathan R.
Abgarmi, Bizhan
Ward, Kevin M.
Beck, Susan L.
Özacar, Atilla Arda
Zandt, George
Sandvol, Eric
Kalafat, Dogan
Subduction beneath central Anatolia represents the transition between continuous subduction along the Aegean trench in the west and slab break-off and/or subduction termination at the Arabian-Eurasian collision zone in the east. Using recently collected seismic data from the Continental Dynamics-Central Anatolian Tectonics project alongside a newly developed approach to the creation of a 3D shear-velocity model from the joint inversion of receiver functions and surface-wave dispersion data, we can gain important insights into the character of the downgoing, segmenting African lithosphere and its relationship with the overriding Central Anatolian plate.